Darwin Mowing offers a comprehensive range of specialised services to ensure the healthy maintenance of your lawn and garden. From repairing automated irrigation systems to general mowing and edging, our team delivers prompt service with an eye for detail.
  • Lawn mowing & edging
  • Garden maintenance
  • Cyclone clean up
  • Palm frond & weed control
  • Reticulation repairs
  • Lawn turf
  • Irrigation
  • Residential & commercial
Garden Meadow Lawn Cutting — Garden Maintenance in Darwin River, NT
Mowing – Garden Maintenance in Darwin River, NT


Regular mowing is important for ensuring the healthy growth, colour and softness of your grass. At Darwin Mowing we take care not to cut your lawn too short as this causes grass blades to lose their sheen and stunts future growth potential. Whether you require weekly mowing, or a pre-inspection clean-up for your rental property, we will work to keep your grass lush, green and soft to the touch.

We also offer edging services to keep your lawn neat and separated from your paths, garden beds and driveway. If you need new grass for your residential or commercial property, we supply and lay a range of premium lawn turfs.
Irrigation – Garden Maintenance in Darwin River, NT


Automate daily watering cycles by installing an irrigation system in your lawn or garden today. At Darwin Mowing, we maintain, repair and install these cost-effective and environmentally friendly systems for domestic and commercial properties. Using an automatic timer or controller, you can tailor watering schedules to ensure the healthy growth of your grass and plants, and save money on water bills in the long term. A newly installed irrigation system will add value to your home and life to your garden.

Clogged nozzles, seal leaks, pressure problems and tilted sprinkler heads cause water wastage through evaporation, run off and over soaking. Our skilled irrigation specialists can repair these issues and have your system running smoothly so you can focus on enjoying your outdoor space.
Gardening – Garden Maintenance in Darwin River, NT


Maintaining your garden is a full-time job. Between weeding, pruning and pest control, it's hard to find the time to give your plants the attention they deserve. At Darwin Mowing we deliver a range of dependable gardening services, including trimming, hedging, lawn restoration and expert advice for the continued health of your plants. Whether you're growing herbs and vegetables, or decorative plants and flowers, your garden requires consistent upkeep for optimum growth. Our gardeners are available for routine services as well as cyclone cleanups.