Spend $2000, You get $6000
Spend $1000, You get $4000.


As part of the Northern Territory Government’s Rescue and Recovery plan, a new $30 million home improvement scheme will help stimulate the economy and keep Territorians in jobs. This announcement comes in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact that has been seen across the country.

The scheme is designed to help fast-track around 5,000 screwdriver-ready projects in Territory homes, meaning small businesses get work and Territorians can improve their homes and be rewarded.

It applies to projects that are physical improvements to land and/or buildings, as well as repairs and maintenance services.

The scheme operates on a voucher system, with homeowners receiving either:

  • a voucher worth $4,000 if they contribute at least $1,000 of their own money or
  • a voucher worth $6,000 if they contribute at least $2,000 of their own money.

Darwin Mowing has made it even easier for you. You can take advantage of our Zip Pay service and pay off your portion through the Zip Pay platform.
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Interested in Applying? Check your eligibility.

To be eligible to apply you must be a resident of the Northern Territory and are a registered owner of a residential property in the Northern Territory (NT).

The property can be owner-occupied or an investment property but there can only be one application per property and per homeowner.

Eligible residents can submit two quotes by one or two businesses as part of the one application to the scheme.

If you own multiple properties, improvements can be carried out on only one property.

If a property has more than one owner, only one can apply under the scheme.
Who isn’t eligible?

Companies, trusts that are structured with a corporate trustee and associations that are the sole registered proprietor of a property are not eligible.
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So, what should you spend your money on improving?

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